ATÖLYE is designed to bring together creative practitioners from a wide range of fields, including but not limited to design, art, craftsmanship, engineering and entrepreneurship. 

As a project-driven incubation space, ATÖLYE enables organic ideation, prototyping and refinement of innovative ideas. Digital and analog prototyping tools will be available, along with all the legal, business and design-focused infrastructure that will foster co-creation. 

ATÖLYE brings a fresh perspective to Istanbul's art, design and technology ecosystem with its alternative education programs, special projects and community events. 

Global Context

The design and development a shared economy model for co-learning and co-creation has become a global pattern.

 Hackerspaces and co-working spaces are growing exponentially, FabLabs are spreading amongst educational and cultural institutions of all types, large businesses are opening up “labs” to allow for playful experimentation, and governments are seeking for ways to enable sustained innovation across industries. 

These developments are supported by converging trends such as digital fabrication, mass customization, open-source guidelines, crowdsourcing, the generation flux, and design as a key driver.  


Local Context

Istanbul is currently amidst a transformation with the steadily developing economy, stability in politics, rise in both supply of and demand for the arts, increasing tourist numbers, and a young population eager for new ideas. The city’s history is rich with both traditional craftsmenship methods as well as heavy industrial activity in the urban periphery. 

Meanwhile, hardware and fabrication resources are currently dispersed, with no convenient hub for rapid prototyping. Furthermore, emerging young design talent is locked into stable jobs that does not leave them too much creativity. The industry and craftsmanship heritage in Istanbul is not sufficiently appreciated and exploited in the context of art and design. 




ATÖLYE İstanbul will soon host you in its permanent location. Until then, you can visit our 'back office' in Taksim or reach us via phone/email. 

Adres: Sıraselviler Caddesi, No: 49, Taksim, İstanbul

Tel: (0212) 243 48 63