Frequently Asked Questions


What are different membership options?

You will be able to use ATÖLYE as a co-working space member, a fabrication lab member, and a social member to join the workshops at a discount and participate in evening events. 


Can I just use some facilities on a daily basis?

Yes, you will be able to use the shared desks and the fabrication resources at a reasonable daily rate.


Are you a hackerspace, fab lab, incubator or art collective? 

We are creating a hybrid model between all these options. We take the interest and enthusiasm for software and hardware technologies from hackerspaces and fab labs, a drive for new products and services from incubators, and an interest in shaping a new culture from art collectives. 


Where is your location? 

We are currently looking for a permanent space for ATOLYE. It is an interesting journey for us to find an appropriate location and building that can best serve our creative community.  


What subjects do the workshops cover?

We want to be active in every field that covers creativity and innovation, with a particular focus on different design fields, including but not limited to product design, furniture design, architecture, jewelry design, textiles, audiovisual production, design thinking and entrepreneurship. 


Do I need to be a specialist to join the workshops?

Not at all. You will learn all you need during the workshops; you just need to bring an open mind and an attitude of curiosity. 


Can we apply to the workshops as a group? 

Yes, of course. You can apply individually or invite your friends to join you. 


I am visiting Istanbul just for a few days. Can I swing by?

Our permanent space is not established yet, but you can reach us at and we can surely meet for coffee around Taksim or Cihangir.  


Where can we buy tickets for the workshops?

You can get the workshop tickets via We are currently building our web infrastructure so that you can make payments directly from our website in near future. 


How can I access the prototyping tools within ATÖLYE?

Once we establish our permanent space, you can use the tools as part of your fabrication lab membership. 

The details of the fabrication membership are tbd; we welcome your feedback.  

For now, you can use various tools during our pop-up workshops.