ATÖLYE İstanbul is a diligent curator of a strong community around design, entrepreneurship and technology.

As such, ATÖLYE does not intend to open multiple locations - it's not about the number of nodes in the network, but rather the strength of the bond between each node.

The Historic Bomonti Beer Factory (and the cultural hub of Bomontiada at large) is destined to be the only location for a number of years to come - with 700 square meters in a unique post-industrial space, ATÖLYE will be relentlessly working towards incubating new relationships, projects, and startups.



What do we want to do?

Encourage the pursuit of passion-driven creative explorations.

Enable accidental entrepreneurship.

Empower through discovery of creative confidence and initiative taking.


Why do we exist?

Nurture the art, design and technology culture in Istanbul.

Be a permanent, rapidly re-programmable space.

Become the facilitator, the magnet, the infrastructure.

How will we do it?

Stay independent.

Encourage a self-initiative culture.

Aim for gender balance.

Start small. Grow carefully. Remain nimble. 

What we will live by?

Start with trust, not with doubt.

Do not intimidate with technology.

Have zero tolerance for poor commons behavior.

Remember that space is the body language of an organization.


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